What we do

Our considered, audience-first approach will help solve your brand and communication challenges in the most effective way, delivering long-lasting value for your business.

Marketing Strategy

We provide high quality strategic analysis and advice to help you get the most from your marketing.

Design & Content Creation

Our talented designers and content specialists convert strategic thinking into creative visuals and messages.

Integrated Delivery

We build and deliver the things we advise on and create - websites, PR programmes, digital campaigns, events, brochures etc.

How we do it

We approach every piece of work, whether creating a single piece of communication (e.g. a website) or developing a full blown strategy, brand and communications review, by adopting our 5 phase process:


Audience First

Getting to the heart of who your audiences are and why they really matter to your business.


Value Proposition

Defining the best way to present what you do and how your do it (your value proposition), so that it means something to these audiences.


Solid Brief

Good design is design with purpose - we take the analysis from stages 1 and 2 and develop a solid creative brief based around this insight.


Creative Concepts

We develop intelligent creative work, based around your strategy, which will increase your chances of success.



We bring the creative concept to life using both our skilled in-house team and a network of hand-picked specialists.

Why Limewash?

Our approach will increase your chances of success in the areas that matter most for your business because we approach your brand and how you communicate objectively - based on the opinions of those that are critical to your business success - your customers. By really understanding your audiences, why they matter to you and what's important to them we ensure that what you do and how you do it connects with them through your brand and all of your marketing materials. As a result you see real value from your marketing spend.



Find out how we've helped clients strategically improve their brand and communications.



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