Marketing Strategy

We provide high quality strategic analysis and advice, with an audience first approach. By getting to the heart of who your audiences are and why they really matter to your business, we'll help to define the best way to present what you do and how you do it (your value proposition) that will get them to react in the way you need them to. We make sure that you make the most of what you already have and invest your time, effort and money on the activities that will deliver the most to your bottom line.

We use tried and tested Limewash frameworks, developed over decades of working in strategic marketing roles for a wide range of companies, across multiple industries.


Customer Discovery

Really knowing who your customers are, right down to what they value in life, their attitudes, how they use technology and what they read and buy are vital ingredients in creating marketing materials that will work for you. We run customer discovery workshops and develop detailed pen portraits of your customers to uncover valuable insights about them and truly understand why they buy what you offer. These insights inform any subsequent marketing plan, creative or content work.


Value Proposition Development

There is no point spending money presenting what you do to customers if what you present doesn't make them think - 'yes that's exactly what I need right now and I can see how that will really help me'. This is where having a really strong value proposition comes in. We help you clearly articulate what you offer (your products, services and customer experience), why it matters and how it makes you different to those you want to attract. You will come away with a very clear idea of what it is you need to say about what you do and the customer experience you need to provide.


Customer Journey Mapping

Marketing effectiveness starts by understanding the journey your customer takes from the moment interest is sparked, right through the purchase process and on into being a customer. So many companies we see focus all their efforts on trying to generate new leads from scratch, neglecting to invest in those they already have as a valuable source of new business. We will help you map your entire customer journey to identify where you have gaps and where you need to invest to make the most of what you've already got.


Tactical Marketing Plans

Once we have a detailed grasp of your customers, proposition and processes we can then develop a plan of required activities and schedule to ensure the right activity lands with the right group at the right time. We work within the confines of the agreed budget to create plans which use your resources intelligently to deliver the most value for your business. Each activity is tightly defined, with clear objectives and measurement requirements, as well as definitive timings for development and delivery so that it is all integrated! 



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