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At Limewash we devote time to thinking, discussing and challenging ourselves - not only creatively but mentally too. We strive to be the best we can be as a business and would like to share our thoughts with you...

Limewash makes the top 10 in Cambridge ‘Image Makers’ list

Limewash has been named as one of Business Weekly’s Top Image Makers 2019 in its New Year Honours.


Hang on a minute, that's not the right colour...

Anyone involved in managing the visual elements of a brand will know that colour is an issue. The desire is to have complete consistency and accuracy across all media, but the reality is often a compromise. Here’s a quick guide to some issues and tips to help get the best results possible...


Beyond the badge

Truly successful brands are built around much more than just a logo, tagline or agreed colour palette and yet for many businesses we meet, this is exactly what their brand has become.


Looking at Competitors in a Whole New Light

Analysing competitors is common practice in many strategic planning sessions, however, are your reviews carried out within the right context?


Top 5 Marketing Mistakes

Marketing is often seen as a support and not a strategic function. Lewis explores some of the common mistakes we encounter that lead to companies wasting time, effort and money through this approach.


Beyond the handshake: the obsession with new business

Not investing time into existing customers and prospects is an issue we see all too often. Lewis investigates the pivotal role marketing plays throughout the customer journey, beyond attracting new business.


Using social media to stand out from the crowd

With media consumption shifting from TV to mobile devices, organisations who don’t yet have a presence on social media, or who fail to engage their audiences online, are missing out on reaping the benefits of the greatest PR tool of our time.


Branding Déjà Vu...the New Way Forward?

Two high profile rebrands for Co-op and NatWest both have one thing in common - they have returned to their original 1960s logos. Is this approach simply nostalgia or smart creative thinking for the current climate?


The Benefits of Great Internal Communications

Internal communications is not just the preserve of large corporates. Smaller organisations need to be aware of the benefits of instilling good internal communications habits from day one too.


Times have changed, what makes a great ad now?

Creating a great advert for your business is not an easy thing to do but if done properly should generate brand awareness as well as get a response.


The Importance of Colour

Is your colour palette limiting the appeal of your brand? We investigate the importance of colour within branding.


It's beginning to feel a lot like... Black Friday

Within the melee of Black Friday offers, Sarah explores two organisations who have taken a very different approach to the discount culture.



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