It’s beginning to feel a lot like… Black Friday

Seemingly now a traditional part of retailers seasonal calendar, over the last 10 days or so I’ve received ever increasing numbers of emails from multiple retailers excitedly pushing the fact that they will be slashing prices on Black Friday by up to 75% and encouraging me to take advantage of this stack ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap one time only offer.

However, within the melee two organisation’s have stood out for me; both having taken a very different approach to the discount culture we are all guilty of taking advantage of. Jigsaw and Riverford Organic Farmers have made me take notice, and importantly have challenged me to think about my motivations for making a purchase by doing the complete opposite of everyone else.

Jigsaw’s ‘Reduced by nothing; standing for something #ourfriday’ HTML campaign simply states: ‘Today, our collection is as beautifully made and honestly priced as yesterday. That’s what the people behind our clothes deserve.’ It goes on to introduce Mr Octaviano, their shoemaker from Portugal; Faye, Valerie and Julie who hand knit Jigsaw’s ‘Native Shetland’ collection in Lincolnshire and Rosa and Carla in Portugal who hand make the Blake Backpack. None of these products will be reduced on Black Friday, because Jigsaw believes that this is what the people who made these things deserve – a fair price for quality work.

Riverford has taken a similar tack. Although not in truth a Black Friday campaign, their letter, received last week, has a similarly honest feel. They want me to start ordering from them again – and I might expect them to try and tempt me with offers of a free box or discounts or both – but they don’t because they believe in fair pricing and that means the same price for everyone, be they new customers, returning customers or potential customers. The letter goes on to remind me of all the reasons that I might want to order from them again, including the statement: ‘We are 100% organic. Not ‘when possible’ or when convenient or when it’s cheap or easy but 100% of the time.’ They are also disarmingly honest about areas in which they have had to improve, for example: ‘Our website is vastly improved. It used to be crap (yes, it says crap in the letter) but we have said goodbye to a load of overpaid, underperforming consultants and have our own team; it’s not that difficult after all.’

Both these approaches made me sit up and take notice, brought a wry smile to my face and I mentally high-fived both for intelligent, honest and down to earth marketing.

Will I renew my Riverford organic veg box and buy the Issa Heel from Jigsaw? Yes, I will and I will feel very good about it while I do it.



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