The obsession with new business

Marketing has a pivotal role to play throughout the journey your customer makes from the point at which interest is sparked (journey to choose) right through the purchase process (journey to buy) and beyond into actually being a customer (journey to use).

However, so many companies we meet focus all their time, effort and budget desperately trying to stimulate new business interest solely in the journey to choose phase and don’t have a coherent contact strategy in place for the journey to buy and journey to use phases.

Arguably the point at which you have secured the customers business - the journey to use phase - should have the most amount of investment. It is there that you can really engage customers, drive cross sales and importantly gain the loyalty and advocacy you need for them to become most valuable to you - providing you with a rich seam of new customer business as referrers of already warmed up leads. 

The same applies to the journey to buy stage. There can be many reasons why someone doesn’t buy from you even if they have shown an interest - and a lot of the time it's because now just isn't the right time for them. An efficient use of some of your time, effort and marketing budget is to ensure that you have a robust strategy in place for communicating with these prospects on a regular basis, as it is significantly less expensive trying to drum up interest from them than it is starting from scratch with a completely cold lead.



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