A Year at Limewash

Whilst wanting to progress from my previous role in a marketing department, I found Limewash stood out against the other design agencies in the area as they had a lot of substance behind their style. For the past year, I’ve now been a graphic designer at Limewash, and I’ve learnt and grown a lot in that time.

Strategic design = great design

I’ve always believed that design without a purpose, which is uninformed or that is just aesthetically pleasing is art. However it wasn’t until I started working at Limewash that I truly understood and adopted this way of working and thinking in its entirety.

Limewash works with clients to provide a high quality foundation for their brand and communications, with an audience-first approach. The team analyses who the target audiences really are, their considerations and why they matter, before developing a value proposition. Designing with this information in mind, means that the creative work I produce is a considered, innovative and intelligent response to client’s needs. Over the past year whilst working with this considered strategy in place I can see the long-lasting benefits to clients and their businesses, and the improvement to the strength and quality of my creative work.


"Design without a purpose,
which is uninformed or
that is just aesthetically
pleasing is art - Limewash 
adopt this way of thinking 
and working in its entirety"

Natasha Apps, Designer, Limewash


It’s ok not to know everything

Despite having a degree in graphic design and some experience, there are many things I didn’t know before working here. For instance, I had never designed a website, font, PowerPoint template or stationery…the list could go on. However, with expert advice from Limewash’s network of handpicked specialists (and the internet!) there are always new solutions and skills to be learnt. I’ve realised being a skilled designer is about learning and evolving continuously, keeping up with technology and refining techniques. As a team we often take on new challenges and are always able to come up with creative and innovative solutions for our clients – even if it’s new to us also.


Work efficiently – not quickly

I never noticed the speed at which I worked until I forced myself to slow down. I always used to feel a sense of urgency, even with longer deadlines and thought the quicker I could get something done the better. However, I’ve learnt instead it’s better to adopt a slow and steady mentality. By checking and double-checking work as I go along I’ve avoided making silly mistakes and this means less rounds of proofs and more efficiency.


Using social media correctly

Whilst it’s obvious that over sharing on sites such as Facebook and Twitter can have negative affects, what is less obvious is how to make the most out of LinkedIn – a site that is probably not utilised by most of us. Most people are happy to extend their network as far as possible and to anyone. However what I’ve learnt is that actually you should pay more attention to whose invitations you’re accepting, and focus on building a useful network of relevant connections. It’s also important to keep your profile up-to-date and engaging by having a company summary and your personal specialities. This is a way of showcasing what your company does and what you bring to the table as a valuable team member. Posting, sharing and commenting on relevant topics can also get you and your business noticed for the right reasons, as well as joining groups.



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