The Loft - a place we like to put our ideas

Sometimes it’s pieces of creative concepts that were presented to clients but never made the final cut, other times it’s collections of thoughts and observations of things that might inspire in some way. Either way it’s all too good to throw away – an eclectic collection of curiosities that we are happy to share with you to give you an insight to our creative thought process. All names have been changed or removed to protect the innocent and no animals were harmed in the making of this section.

One that got away...

When we present concepts to clients, we usually show a number of options. We try to make it difficult to choose – all options have equal merit, sometimes we have favourites but the final choice is always the client's. Here's one that wasn't chosen, the idea was to suggest the scalability of space and growth potential for start-ups and SMEs in the biotech sector.


Love is in the Bin

The shredding of ‘Girl with a Balloon’ during the auction at Sothebys was a sublime execution of a brilliant idea. The pure cleverness of concept, the planning, the building of the shredder hidden within the frame, the remote activation at the precise moment from within the auction room, is the work of a creative genius. Creative moment of the year. Click the link to see more street artist's work.


Exploration Brand

An alternative brand concept that until now has been undiscovered by the outside world...



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