AXA Insurance

As one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, AXA have been helping people for almost 300 years by providing many services including motor, home and travel insurance. Limewash has worked with AXA on strategic projects to help them become more customer orientated in their direct insurance businesses.

Strategic Objectives

The aim of one of the projects was to uncover the root causes behind customer complaints and how these could then drive improvements in their business. From understanding the outcome, we developed a program of work to improve their value proposition, customer experience and eliminate or reduce causes of complaint.


Root Cause Analysis

We helped shape the way they analysed and interpreted the root causes of complaint. Firstly we took the data collected by AXA to identify key themes and trends around their complaints. Then we got key people together from around the organisation to dig deeper into the potential causes of these trends.

Often when trying to identify issues companies can get misled by looking at surface problems only, rather than discovering the root causes. Surface problems are typically symptoms of much deeper technical, structural or cultural problems, and can sometimes be difficult to fix.


A new perspective

We carried out a series of workshops with AXA to challenge them to think differently about what was at the heart of their issues and to think about them from the customers perspective.

By connecting all the silos of the business together and getting them to focus on the customer, we uncovered key initiatives that would reduce regulatory and operational risk, and as well as increase customer loyalty and retention rates. 


Clear Strategic Program

We produced a clear strategic program of initiatives, which consisted of both medium-long term actions and quick wins. These actions varied from cultural, structural, people development, technical improvements, marketing communications, value proposition development, and strategic planning. 

A clear plan was developed and presented to show how to sequence these initiatives to have the biggest and best impact on the business.



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