Chesterford Research Park

Chesterford Research Park is one of the leading science parks in the South Cambridge Biotechnology Cluster. We have collaborated with the Park's executive team (the investor, developer, park manager and commercial agents), acting as their marketing department for a number of years, helping to define the strategic marketing plan and deliver the tactical elements required to achieve results.

A long standing relationship

We create, develop and manage all Chesterford's communications - including brochures, advertising, content and editorial for PR and promotion, social media, website, HTML emailers and newsletters.. Getting this mix of materials right ensures the Park's goals of attracting, growing and retaining the right mix of businesses; building a community and increasing revenue streams via the use of amenities within the central facilities 'Nucleus' building are met and exceeded.


'Where Life Meets Science'
is the ideal positioning given that the Park
combines a thriving
community of successful
life science companies
within an idyllic 250 acre
parkland environment.


Developing brand consistency

Over time, we have helped bring consistency to the Chesterford Research Park brand.  All marketing materials are now developed in line with agreed brand guidelines, which has helped build brand awareness both on and off Park. This work included the design and development of a responsive website, which immediately transformed the Park's website experience, increasing traffic to the site and keeping those that visited engaged with the content for longer. 


Building a thriving community

A key part of any marketing strategy is having a contact plan in place for existing customers to build satisfaction, loyalty and engagement and drive referrals. This is a very important element for a Research and Development location where the sense of community within the site is a vital part of the proposition to attract new occupiers. We have developed a series of communications, including a quarterly round-up report, which fosters and enhances that sense of community.


We design and place all the Park's advertising as well as researching and writing regular editorial pieces. This, combined with a constant stream of news releases to the right media ensures Chesterford Research Park's brand always has strong visibility and awareness within the communities they are trying to reach.


What the client says:

"We particularly value the team's strategic insight and collaborative approach, which together with their compelling and creative design expertise has enabled us to confidently and consistently communicate who we are and what we do to the right people."

Katherine Maguire, Park Manager, Chesterford Research Park



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