Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts

Through a variety of foundation, masters and degree level courses, Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts aim to develop the skills and confidence of it's students and produce talent ready for life in the creative industries. Located in the heart of the city, it offers a unique and highly personalised way of learning for creative individuals, who are passionate about the world of art and design, drama, music and fashion.


After successfully running degree courses for a number of years, CSVPA want to increase the number of applicants from the UK for both their masters and degree level courses.

Previously most applicants have been international, originating from Europe and Asia, due to CSVPA, and it's parent company - Cambridge Education Group roots as an international education provider. Whilst they will continue to accept overseas students, they feel now is the time to expand and increase the ratio of British students. They wanted to create a campaign that targeted growth in this area.


Unlocking key insights

Limewash are collaborating with CSVPA to determine how they will position themselves towards a UK audience, and create a compelling campaign to attract these students. We started by deconstructing the audience; by focusing on who they are, what they need and why.

We ran focus groups with a variety of current students, from both master and degree level courses, to see why they chose CSPVA. This proved vital in unlocking key insights about the school and it's unique proposition. We discovered that the students were attracted to the warm friendly feel of the school, and on occasion found the way other fashion and art schools communicated to be too bold and brash. They appreciated the smaller class sizes, quiet yet high quality facilities and relaxed ‘open access’ approach to the talented teaching staff.


A distinct new space

From this key insight, we realised that there was a distinct space within this sector that had been missed by other schools and colleges all competing, meaning that there were certain students not being catered for or targeted directly.

After discovering this, we proposed that this was an area that CSVPA could comfortably progress further into and own as a unique segment within the market place. Being clear on the audience they were trying to attract has helped them to understand what is important about their proposition and how they need to communicate this to stand out from the competition.



Campaign Concepts

Using our research and organising thought, our creative team developed three campaign concepts. Each was presented showing how they could be rolled out across channels that would reach the target audience most effectively; such as social media, video, event collaterals and open day materials. Each concept was also designed to utilise the existing skills of the CSVPA team, so they could manage the campaign successfully, making it cost effective to roll out.



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