GHX is the global leader in healthcare supply chain technology, enabling hospitals and suppliers to conduct business in the most efficient way via a single technology platform. We are GHX's marketing partner in Europe and have been helping them understand how best to communicate with their disparate customer base - to not only attract new business from healthcare suppliers and providers but also grow the usage of their products from existing customers across their product range.

Developing a strong brand positioning

GHX are market leaders in healthcare supply chain technology, however, as a result of regulatory changes around Europe, their market leading position is under pressure. We have helped them to really define what it is they do and how this is different, amongst all the noise in the market place, and establish a brand positioning, visual language and messaging that enables them to present this in a compelling way. 


A new online experience

GHX's website is an important tool not only during the sales process with new healthcare supplier and provider customers, but also for existing customers to log into their solutions as well as find out about other integrated services GHX provides. We designed and built a new responsive website, consistent with the new brand positioning, for GHX's European markets. It takes each distinct audience through a web experience that his right for them, presenting them with the appropriate content at every stage.



Bold and minimalist icon style allows GHX to present complex technology flows in an easy to digest way.


Versatility of the visual language

We have created a visual language for GHX that is bold, confident and versatile. It has allowed us to create a consistent suite of materials (advertising, emailers, sales aides, presentations, information brochures, event materials etc) that present what GHX does in a compelling way, as well as allowing us to create campaign themes for different markets around specific products and services when required.


What the client says:

"Limewash's marketing expertise is second to none, and their intelligence and rigorous approach has helped to enhance our business and our market positioning. They are collaborative, engaging and enjoyable to work with and we would recommend them highly."

Ed Palferman, Senior Marketing Manager, European Marketing Communications at GHX



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