Susie Hayden Speech and Language Therapy

Susie Hayden Speech and Language Therapy offers a bespoke and holistic service, treating individuals and families who experience speech, language or voice disorders. In addition, Susie also offers training and workshops to charities, teachers, medical staff and other speech and language therapists. After 23 years working within the NHS, Susie decided to develop her own private practice, and chose Limewash’s ‘Business Start-Up Package’ to help her create her brand and associated marketing materials, including business cards, a promotional leaflet and website.

An appropriate brand from the start

Having helped Susie understand more about her potential clients and how her services addressed their needs, we were able to develop a brand identity that really reflected her business. 

The chosen logo consisted of the ‘S’ from Susie’s name, to give her brand a personal touch and married in speech marks to represent what Susie does. The shape of the ‘S’ also gives a sense of flow and ease of speech, which is what Susie’s clients aim to achieve when they work with her.


The chosen colour palette and style of imagery reflect the brand values and give a positive, yet calming and friendly feel.


A confident and professional website

Susie needed a website that gave her clients the right impression of her business from day one and clearly communicated how she could help with what can be a very sensitive subject.

We created an approachable, warm and friendly feel that really reflects Susie as a person, choosing calming imagery and succinct copy to carefully describe her services. We also created a very user-friendly content management system (CMS) to allow Susie to make changes to the site herself as and when she needs to.


Our Business Start-up Package


We recognise that businesses that are yet to start trading often fall into the trap of developing a brand and visual identity on the cheap, sometimes cutting corners to do so. Getting it right from the start is important, because your brand is not just a logo and colour palette, but a visual representation of everything you stand for as a business. We use our audience-first approach to help new businesses develop a brand identity and from there create a consistent set of marketing materials to get them started - typically business cards, a leaflet and website.


What the client says:

“It has been really great to work with you - your positivity pushed me into making a good decision, so thank you. I might well have stalled if I hadn’t had the confidence that you would do a good professional job, and I think you captured the essence of who I am very well!”

Susie Hayden



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