UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) is a charity which preserves, enhances and promotes British Antarctic heritage to a global audience. We started working together in 2015 by developing a marketing strategy aimed at significantly increasing their revenue in three years by driving more sales from their retail operation, improving their membership programme and unlocking revenue streams from other areas of the business, including merchandising and education.

Rebranding to align with the strategy

Working collaboratively with the team at UKAHT, we identified that their existing brand was not appealing sufficiently to the younger audience they were trying to reach internationally. 

The new logo is a simple and versatile icon that has an explorer/outdoor brand feel to it. It truly represents what is at the heart of their proposition - conversation of historic huts, through the simple representation of their iconic boat hut at Port Lockroy. The colour choice is deliberately 'British' to highlight their custodianship of British Antarctic heritage while also reflecting the blue sky and white landscape of Antarctica. The red border is a heritage red influenced by the distinctive window frames of their flagship site Bransfield House at Port Lockroy.


Inspiration for the simple, bold, 'explorer' brand came from the view when looking out at the landscape from within one of UKAHT's iconic huts.


A versatile mark

UKAHT's brand needs to work equally well as a mark/brand on clothing and merchandise as it does on their website, brochures, briefing videos and membership/schools programmes. We created a strong and confident mark that is instantly recognisable and yet doesn't require time and effort to use appropriately. They have a brand that they know works on all the things they need it to work on!


A brand that works as a
label in merchandise as well as it does on a brochure front cover.

A website that drives action

We designed and built a new, responsive website that delivers a better ecommerce experience whilst also telling the story of UKAHT and the important history of Antarctica in a more engaging way. It not only presents what they do in a compelling way, it also provides visitor information and educational content to engage their audiences - from tourists to school children.


Online shop

The extensive website is made up of eight main sections, including a fully operational online shop and is designed to work across a variety of digital devices. It has an ecommerce engine called 'Channel Manager' powering it, built by our digital partners at Creative Spread, which allows UKAHT to have full control of their end to end online sales process, manage their stock and track sales real time.


Port Lockroy

Port Lockroy is the flagship historic site managed by UKAHT. Visited by up to 18,000 tourists each season, it's a main stopping point for Antarctic cruise ships. The sale of merchandise is the main source of revenue for UKAHT and as part of our work to create a new brand for the Trust itself, we also created a new sub-brand for Port Lockroy to sit comfortably alongside the main UKAHT brand and appeal to the Trust's identified customer groups.

The previous branding lacked consistency in application across product ranges and created confusion in terms of its relationship to the main brand. Our solution, to create a merchandising sub-brand for Port Lockroy, visually linked back to the main UKAHT brand but used an icon of the popular penguin to add consumer appeal.


To maximise sales of merchandise in Antarctica, we created a sub-brand
that featured penguins,
a key part of the Port
Lockroy experience.

What the client says:

"Limewash's strategic approach has really allowed us to get to the heart of who we are as an organisation and the audiences we are trying to reach. Their creativity has re-energised our whole brand and has revolutionised how we approach communications.”

Camilla Nichol, Chief Executive, UK Antarctic Heritage Trust



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