XenoVida are a new company developing a unique, direct to consumer, biochemical profiling service to help people understand their health from the inside out, as well as provide tailored nutrition and exercise advice to address issues such as early onset diabetes. We are working with XenoVida to shape how they launch this service by identifying who their customers will be and how they will need to talk about their products and services to generate interest.

Developing the brand

Following customer discovery and proposition sessions we were able to create a strong visual identity for the brand.

The logo illustrates the transition and movement involved when making a change from an unhealthy lifestyle (the cross), where you are doing things that you shouldn't, to a healthy lifestyle (the tick). Vitality and positivity were key to the colour choices, while 'Improving Health Through Science' nicely captures what they do.


Creating a consistent visual language

Whenever we develop brand identities for our clients we always show them how these brands will work consistently across the kinds of materials that are relevant for their business. For Xenovida, this not only included informative brochures and banners for events they intend to hold to launch the service, but also items such as uniforms for staff to give customers confidence in their professionalism and clinical excellence. 



The use of a clear, concise and simple graphic language was vital to show scientific results in an easy to digest way.


Designing the report

A personalised customer report is a crucial part of the Xenovida proposition. This document brings to life the results of each individual's tests and presents them alongside bespoke recommendations on what lifestyle improvements would be beneficial to help improve areas that may be weaker than others. We designed an easy to digest and visually engaging report, that sets out customers results simply and clearly.


What the client says:

“We are delighted with our chosen brand, which will give visual impact and clear messaging to our product, website and all aspects of our marketing. We look forward to our continued collaboration as XenoVida develops and grows!”

Ann Lewis, Managing Director, XenoVida



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